Welcome to our Paradise gardens

Due Covid 19 is our ButterflyPark closed for visitors until the borders will open again for tourism. Stay safe and share your wisdom to keep optimism awake!

We like to thank our families, volunteers and sponsors who help and motivate us to maintain our vision. We are in Laos to follow our dreams, because: “Nature Education CANNOT wait”

We are inspired by and dedicated to our (short term) goals:
– Maintain our 4500 m2 gardens by local staff
– Create a new local medicinal garden
– Keep on supporting our local community during Covid; basic food aid and medical help is needed!

We especially like to thank Rotary Club Nijverdal/Hellendoorn in the Netherlands, who showed their creativity by starting up a butterfly wish-card fundraising. Thank you so much for supporting the ButterflyPark and our local community! 

 At this moment we are exploring our future:
Live Streaming Nature Education (internet)

Live streaming webmedia is recently widespread available due to global immobility results of the Covid pandemic. Examples are: webseminars, business meetings, city explorers. Live streamed and hosted by famous webmedia like Zoom, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook etc. For us it’s a huge step forward to start to develop formats for live streaming Nature Education, to reach Lao and international schoolchildren, teachers and families. We love to explore how to use live streaming webmedia to have a lot of interactive fun and share a wonderful nature experience from
Kuang Si Falls ButterflyPark.

– Live your dreams and be playful in your lifecycle –

Ineke & Olaf – love to welcome you soon,


(Donations are needed and most welcome!)


“Nature Education CANNOT wait”